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If you haven’t yet bought yourself an air fryer to see what all the fuss is about, today is your lucky day. They are claimed to help lower the fat content of popular foods like french fries, chicken wings, empanadas and fish sticks. It is safe to use and very easy to clean which is crucial if you want to limit the mess in your kitchen and the time you spend cleaning up after making dinner.
There was no difference if I used the air fryer vs. roasted in my oven. Air fryers are safer to use than conventional fryers. The food you prepare in it will be delicious and yet without those added calories which we get when we eat deep fried food. You can even check on the progress of your foods without messing up the set time.
We researched 12,000 consumer reviews and 14 expert sources from trusted publications such as The Spruce Eats , Taste of Home , Digital Trends , and CNET to select the top 8 air fryers of 2018. Well, click here address this concern by being able to get the job done with up to 80% less oil.
My kids also devoured batch after batch of homemade fries (I recommend skin-on Yukon golds for that.) But for me, it was air-fried roasted garlic that really blew my mind. The air fryer shuts off automatically once the food is prepared and a sound will be notified as well.

But she’s still got another 25 left — so seven months ago, the 5-foot-3 Princeton, NJ, recruiter bought an air fryer to keep her from falling off the healthy home-cooking wagon. Instead of just frying, they can do a substantial amount of other things, and deep fat fryers are unfortunately limited in what they’re able to accomplish.